Ways To Keep Healthy This Summer

Ways To Keep Healthy This Summer

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Ways to Keep Healthy This Summer

There are many ways to keep healthy this summer. Find a few tips below with a brief explanation for each.

During summer the weather is hot & dry and you tend to feel thirstier. Avoid drinking fizzy sodas or any other carbonated drinks; instead drink water or fresh fruit juice. Soda contains sugar that is eventually converted into fat. This will make you add weight in the long run. Choose drinks that have low calories. If you drink plenty of water, your body will be hydrated well during warm summer days.

2. How to protect from the heat of Sun?

Protect yourself from the harmful sun rays by applying sunscreen lotion. Apply the lotion several times in a day to ensure that you are well protected. Sunglasses will come in handy to protect your eyes from the harmful ultra violet rays from the sun. A hat will also protect you from the sun. If you buy a fashionable hat or cape, it''s a great addition to your outfit and it will make you look good.

Summer days provide the best weather for outdoor activities. Choose your preferred outdoor activity and carry out the exercises on a regular basis. There are many activities to choose from such as jogging, basketball tennis, skating, bicycle riding, and swimming among others. Many online sources recommend that you choose a wide array of activities and repeat them at least three times in a week. Exercise will ensure that you lose weight, gain muscles, and reduce the risk of high blood pressure, obesity among other overweight associated diseases.Exercising alone can be boring, so if possible join a neighbor or your friend in carrying out these exercises such as jogging or join a sports club in the neighborhood. Choose a different street or area to run every time, bring your iPod with you. This will help you relax and feel refreshed. A jog along the beach line will help you to clear your mind.

Eat healthy, as there is a temptation to eat more in summer, it''s a good idea to ensure that you eat the right amount of food, preferably your choice of food should contain high fiber content. Always start your food with a salad. Stay away from junk food such as burgers, pizzas among others. It''s very important to ensure that your meals consist of a balanced diet, fruits and vegetables. Water melons, cucumbers are a great addition to your meals because they will help your body to cool because of their high water content.Grab a low calorie snack when you feel hungry, avoid donuts and other pastries. Instead reach out for your favorite fruit or vegetable. Over lunch time consider brown rice, with vegetables such as carrots, peas and cabbages.

Avoid smoking at all costs. It is unhealthy and may lead to various respiratory diseases which might cause death in the long run. As displayed on most cigarette packets, smoking kills.If you have small kids to care about, check with csa phone number child support agency for more tips on how to keep the young ones healthy.

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