Six ways to slash your medical bills and keep health plan costs down

Six ways to slash your medical bills and keep health plan costs down

Written by Leo Cruise CLU

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Both Health Care reform and Medical Insurance reform are coming, but this should not let U.S. workers off the hook in understanding how their behaviors — "their health care footprint" — contribute to escalating medical care and medical insurance costs.

1) Develop a good relationship with a primary care physician.

A primary care doctor who knows you, your medical history, and your circumstances stands a better chance than a stranger does of making decisions and giving advice that will keep you healthy.

2) Do not use the hospital emergency room unless it is necessary.

3) Listen to your physician.

Taking prescribed medications, getting regular check-ups, and adhering to lifestyle changes can keep chronic diseases under control at a relatively modest cost. Many Medical Insurance Companies provide plans that help tracking improvement in healthy life style changes.

4) Do not go directly to a specialist

Without first checking with your primary care doctor, even if you medical insurance plan allows it. Let your doctor coordinate your care.

5) Screen the screening tests.

Screening tests can save lives by catching a disease at an early stage. But a screening test can also cause a lot of mischief: false alarms, a false sense of security if a disease is missed, and unnecessary diagnostic testing and treatment.

6) Question the need for expensive tests.

If your doctor orders an expensive test like an MRI or CT scan, ask why it is necessary and how it will make a difference.

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With over 35 years Health Insurance and Employee Benefit experience, Leo Cruise (CLU) and NW Health Plans is committed to creating a better, more efficient health care system marked by individuals being more involved in their own wellness and making more informed decisions about their health care. Our purpose, simply stated, is to transform health care, reducing costs, waste, and confusion for our clients and their families.

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