Should I Use Surgery to Lose Weight?

Should I Use Surgery to Lose Weight?

Obesity and the health problem related to it have reached epidemic proportions today. The best weight loss program is to slowly and steadily change your lifetime eating and exercise habits so that you lose weight and maintain the weight loss over time.

However, some people are so overweight that it''s causing drastic and immediate health problems. These people are often 100 or more pounds overweight and in danger of experiencing immediately lifethreatening problems. For these people, weight loss surgery may turn out to be the answer.

However, even this group should carefully weigh all the options first. Any surgery is dangerous and can be lifethreatening.

A common goal that many people have is to lose fat quickly. And we can''t deny that in general society likes things done fast. This helps to understand why we now eat more fast food and end up putting on weight.
While we all know weight goes on fast, it comes off very slowly. But you can lose 15 pounds fast if you know the secrets of the top weight loss guru''s.
If you want to lose 15 pounds fast you need to be single minded about it. You need to take drastic action to lose 15 pounds.To lose 15 pounds you need to make sure that you stick to a plan. Do this and you can lose 15 pounds fast.
The Best Food to Consume
I need to stress this one point. If you want to lose 15 pounds fast you need a diet that cuts down on your calories and that means...

There are two primary types of weight loss surgery and each has varying results and sideeffects and issues..

A type of surgery that''s becoming more popular is an adjustable gastric band. The surgeon takes an adjustable band and wraps it around the upper part of the stomach. This basically turns your stomach into a small pouch that''ll hold only a small amount of food. The concept is that you''ll feel full much sooner and stay full longer. Therefore you''ll eat less. The stomach works normally otherwise and doesn''t affect the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

One key advantage to this type of surgery is that it can be reversible. Once you''ve adjusted your life style and lost weight, the surgery can be reversed. Unfortunately, this has caused problems for some people as the band can become displaced and need surgery to repair. In addition, many insurance companies won''t cover this type of surgery.

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Medicine Physicians'' Committee for Responsible Medicine, a nonprofit organization founded in 1985; promotes preventive medicine, conducts clinical research, encourages effectiveness and ethics in research efforts, and advocates to broaden the access to health

A more invasive type of weight loss surgery is the gastric by pass. With this procedure the surgeon creates a pouch similar to that produced by the adjustable gastric band but also permanently by passes the rest of your stomach by attaching a portion of your small intestine to the pouch. This surgery achieves the same result of making you feel full faster and remain full longer but this procedure is permanent.

With either of the two procedures above, you still must change your diet and life style. The surgery doesn’t just let you eat all the same things and not exercise while still losing weight. These procedures simply make it much harder for you not to diet.

There is another type of weight loss surgery which is used much less today but still applicable in some situations. This surgery is a sleeve gastrectomy. In this procedure the surgeon staples the larger part of your stomach to make it smaller. Rather than creating a pouch, the stomach is reshaped to form a sleeve to achieve the same results as the previously described surgeries. This procedure also is irreversible.

If you''re so drastically overweight that it''s creating immediate health problems such as diabetes, heart problems, sleep apnea or high blood pressure surgery may be a viable option for you. However, don’t consider using these surgeries if your problem is simply that you don’t have the willpower to lose weight. These aren''t miracle cures and you''ll still need willpower to avoid health problems after your surgery.