Reduced Vaginal Tightness

Reduced Vaginal Tightness

Have You Lost Vaginal Tightness After Pregnancy

One of the problems faced by women after pregnancy is a lack of muscle tone and tightness

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in the vaginal canal. In most cases the problem is short lived and within a few week’s the vaginal muscles begin to regain their normal elasticity.

In some women unfortunately this is not the case and you could need a helping hand.

One of the most tried and tested methods to rectifying the problem is pelvic exercise known as ‘the Kegel method’. Recommended by doctors, these are a very good routine to help regain vaginal tightness and tone.

Cure For Vaginal Tightness

By strengthening the pelvic and vaginal area these exercises are usually a good starting point.

However, aside from reduced muscle tone, many women also experience a lack of libido, vaginal dryness, lack of confidence in the bedroom, and generally a lack of sexual desire.

Well there is help at hand in a great new vaginal tightening gel.

Intivar is a natural vaginal renewal gel which not only tightens the vaginal canal but also helps increase natural lubrication. Intivar is made up of 100 per cent natural ingredients and not only helps boost your muscle tone but also increases sexual appetite and clitoral sensitivity.

Clinically proven with absolutely no side effects

Intivar Is The Perfect Solution.

Intivar Contains A Unique Mix Of Natural Ingredients;

  • Mirofirm,
  • Witch Hazel
  • Oak Gall extract
  • Ginseng

These are all proven to work alongside the body’s natural processes to kick-start the natural production of lubrication, and to provide an almost instant tightening effect

Information On Intivars effective Ingredients

Where Can I Buy Intivar

Regretfully Intivar is not currently available to buy on the high street, it can be securely

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and discreetly purchased from the Intivar Official Website

The makers ship worldwide promptly and discreetly, all orders are supplied with a full 60 day cash back guarantee – in the unlikely situation that Intivar doesn’t work for you, simply return any unused product back within 60 days for a full cash refund

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