Nutrition Program  Health, Nutrition, and Autism

Nutrition Program Health, Nutrition, and Autism

A Custom Individualized Nutrition Program For You

Are You Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick?   Are you tired of…

Being allergic to more and more things in the environment, perfumes, chemicals in your home?

Severe Food Allergies that you have to carry an epi pen with you everywhere you go?

Feeling tired even after sleeping a solid 8 hours/night, Chronic Fatigue?

Digestive Issues? (IBS, Constipation, Acid Relfux, etc.)

Being told you have to live with your Auto Immune Disease?  (MS, Fibromyalgia, Rhumatoid Arthritis, etc.)

Bacterial Infections that keep coming back?

Cancer treatments that are not working?

Your child being labeled ADD/ADHD or having Autism?

Being told “They’ll grow out of it, it’s just a phase”?

Unexplained illness with you and/or your children?

Prescription Drugs that produce lots of other side effects?

Major Organ Function Issues (Pancreas, Heart, Gall Bladder, Liver, Lung, Kidneys, Colon, etc)

Skin Issues (Eczema, Psoriasis, Hives, etc)

So Get On The Right Path to Recovery!

I have partnered with a Nutritionist/Naturopath Doctor who has been NATURALLY helping people rebuild their bodies from a cellular level and has resolved many of these symptoms and others for the last 26 years!

This nutrition program is for anyone with any health issue and any age, even children.  All testing is done via the mail and you meet with her over the phone to go over test results, ask questions, etc.  So there is no traveling involved.   You can live anywhere and still receive help.

Through the testing, she is able to determine what is causing your health issues and resolve them with a customized nutrition program. The most important piece is she is able to identify the exact problems and RESOLVE them.       

 My biggest desire is to help YOU function at YOUR maximum level!

Diane is a graduate of the School of Naturopathic Medicine in Oregon and also has a Masters Degree in Science and Nutrition from Michigan. She has been involved in the nutrition and wellness field for over 30 years as a practitioner, a researcher, and a lecturer. Her education includes degrees and courses of study in the field of nutrition, naturopathic medicine, herbology, homeothapy, Chinese medicine and aromatherapy. Diane apprenticed for 13 years to be able to use electromagnetic testing to determine what is going on in the body at the cellular level. She is able to test for over 700 allergies for both food and environmental as well as hormone and brain chemical imbalances and organ function. She has co published papers on nutrition, authored dozens of tapes, represented North America in conferences on complimentary medicine, and has lectured and consulted all over America and internationally for the last 30 years. She has worked with thousands of people, both here and internationally helping them regain their health and their life. Through Diane’s testing she is able to determine what is causing your health issue and resolve it. 

The electromagnetic testing she does is like NO other test available.  The machine she uses is about half a million dollars and there are only about eight in the world!  The other seven are used by researches and scientists and do not work with people…they only study cells.

This machine is based on physics, NOT biology.  A scientific fact is that everything gives off energy, therefore everything has a frequency.  Over the last 50+ years, these scientists have been “mapping” the human body.  For example, a healthy liver/pancreas/adrenal/etc. cell of a man/woman/girl/boy has a specific frequency.  They have learned what these healthy frequencies are for the whole body.  They have further studied the frequencies of contaminants too.  They know the frequencies of different parasites, heavy metals, viruses, fungi, yeast, chemicals and many many others.  This is why Diane had to apprentice for 13 years to be able to read the tests she performs.

Diane uses a sample of a patients urine and saliva (she could use blood too but these two things are easier to collect and send by mail).  Both contain your DNA, or cells.  She then begins testing the cells to figure out which ones are out of frequency as well as testing for frequencies that should not be there.  She tests for over 700 food and environmental allergies.

Nutrients, herbs, homeopaths, etc. are then tested to find out which ones, at what dosages, brings that specific body into the healthy frequency, one product at a time (she actually tests brand names as well).

This is a very time consuming process.  The end result is that the patient and Diane know what their specific body is needing and in what amounts.  No two programs will ever be the same.

The brand specific testing she does is where Shaklee has entered the picture.  Over the last 30 years, Diane has tested and continues to test different brands and products.  She is NOT connected to Shaklee and receives no compensation for ANY Shaklee products purchased.  She has simply found that the Shaklee products are superior to ANY others in their consistency in potency and effectiveness.  They never have contaminants and are able to be purchased all across the country and around the world so they are available to all of her clients.

 The cost of this test is $365.  This includes the testing and a personal, written program designed specifically for you and phone consultation appointments.  You and your family members can get test kits from me or if you are out of state we can get it shipped to you. 

The goal of Diane’s program is to HEAL you completely!!  Not just have you know that you can never have gluten, or nuts, or whatever it may be ever again.  Diane also has a very specific program for those diagnosed with cancer, which is a complete breakdown of the immune system. You make an appointment with her and she starts you on a program immediately/without a test.  It is $145 for this program and phone appointments are included. 

Our family has all been on this specialized nutrition program, click here to read our story on Our journey through Autism.

The first step to finding out more is to fill out your name and email in the box below for a Free 15 Min. Health Consultation, and I will also give you free access to an archived call by the Nutritionist/Naturopath Doctor on Immune Function and How The Body and Immune System Works (a $100 value). 

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