Integrated Nature and Health

Integrated Nature and Health

Personal Natural Health Consultation

A Natural Health Consultation is a holistic approach to health. It is a review of mind, body, spirit to try and improve a person’s well being. The consultation is a review of the questionnaire, all prescribed medications, setting goals, and we will review your initial progress electronically after a timeline outlined in your plan.


Choose Good Quality Products

Since herbal products are not regulated, the amount of product in each dosage may not be equivalent to the pure form of the substance. Low costs, generic looking brands, or products filled with filler substances will not give you the results you want. At Integrated Nature & Health we carry only herbs that have proven quality and effectiveness.

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Traditional Naturopathy Provided by:

Dr. Lynda Wilson-Hare


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Traditional Naturopathy is providing guidance to health through herbology, and healthy natural lifestyle choices to promote good health and healing.

In a world where the damaging effects of food processing, over medication, and agribusiness are daily more evident, plant life has come to stand as symbols of a more natural and healthy way of life.

Book a personal Traditional Naturopathic Consultation for information to help you understand what will work best for you.

Consult us for:

Improved Energy Levels, Digestion, Cleansing & Detoxification, Immunity / Reduce Colds/Flus, Sleep Support, Weight Loss, Decreased sugar cravings, Women''s Health, Vitamins, Travel Support, Resiliency (decrease your stress), etc.

At The Vitality Shop, all herbal products
have been carefully chosen to ensure ultimate benefits.

If you are concerned about – your energy level, stress, frequent colds, or inability to take certain prescribed medications, or the side effects – book a consultation today.

Traditional naturopathy has been practiced since the beginning of human life, and is based on the philosophy that the body has tremendous innate abilities to heal itself. The traditional naturopathic practitioner counsels patients on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, merely initiating and guiding the body in its healing by performing non-invasive procedures and using a variety of techniques including herbology, homeopathy and other natural healing methods.

These holistic health modalities promote self-healing in contrast to Western medicine''s treatment-of-symptoms through a pharmaceutical approach. Practitioners of traditional naturopathy believe in the healing power of nature; they do not focus on trying to diagnose and treat a specific illness but rather they focus on strengthening the body''s own defenses.