Dr. Ed Carlson

Dr. Ed Carlson

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Dr Ed Carlson

Dr. Ed Carlson is the founder and creator of Core Health.©

30+ years of research, study and dedication resulted in creating a unique and dynamic system of comprehensive kinesiology.

Dr. Ed is a man of determination and focus incorporating an underlying theme of ‘it has to get results or we don’t use it’ into his Core Health writing, training and workshops.

Dr. Ed has spent years developing a network of highly competent professionals who share a common interest assisting people to:

  • take control of their own health
  • learning to manage and expand their life energy
  • creating response-ability in everything they think, say and do

Do we choose to naturally expand health or manage disease?

Dr. Carlson shows us how to make this choice for ourselves and to uncover the naturally healthy self AGAIN that we were in the beginning. It is a process of re-discovery, uncovering and expansion of the inborn healthy part within each of us.

Dr. Ed Carlson is a visionary. He and his team of peers is dedicated to the improvement and expansion of natural health coupled with the expansion of human consciousness for the greater good of all.

Dr. Ed is a mentor, a teacher, a researcher and a friend.

Core Health, Heart Forgiveness and Funny with Money are practical, effective and powerful workshops. They get results.

All of us who have studied with Dr. Ed Carlson admire, love and appreciate the beauty of his creation and his life’s work. He is creating a legacy to help people today and future generations to come.

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