Twenty Dollars off Your Premium Kit!

Twenty Dollars off Your Premium Kit!

Do you like discounts? I do! I''ve got a $20 off voucher that I''ve earned from my September order, which I''m eager to share with someone who loves getting a great deal at an even better price.

If you''re ready to get started with essential oils by purchasing the Young Living Premium Starter Kit (which gives you everything you need to replace all the OTC products in your medicine cabinet, and really integrate the oils into your home and take care of yourself and your family) then contact me as soon as possible! I have only one voucher to give away, so act fast if you want to get your Premium Kit for $20 off the already awesome price.

Remember, a diffuser alone is $98.68 retail, plus the Everyday Oils Collection, which comes with the ten most popular and most useful oils (5 ml each), and normally retails at $159.54. Those alone add up to a $258.22 value! Then you get the 5ml Stress Away and roll-on top, sample packets of the five most popular oils, and two NingXia Red sample packets. (NingXia Red will rock your world!) That''s over $280 worth of essential oil products for only $150!

Oh, wait, scratch that...for only $130, if you snag my voucher!

Check out the kit below..or maybe skip that and just contact me on facebook, to make sure you don''t miss out. If you''re the lucky recipient of the voucher, you can just click on the "Get the Oils!" link above, follow the super-easy tutorial for signing up, and remember to put in the voucher code I give you.