Do I Have Low Testosterone

Do I Have Low Testosterone

Low testosterone levels may represent a area of the body’s process of turning down, especially once you have passed your reproductive prime of life. It’s considered normal for the levels of this sex hormone to drop gradually after the age of 30 is surpassed. Many men handle the change fairly well and can get by as their bodies change as the changes occur. Some men, however, are more sensitive to the changes, or may experience a more serious change in hormone levels.

Low Testosterone Earlier On In Life

Low testosterone could occur through the fetal stages of life and could be affected when the testes do not descend. This could occur in utero, but many male infants’testicles descend within the first 2 yrs of life if it does not happen before birth.

It’s also possible for low testosterone to affect male growth throughout the years of puberty. If this occurs, sexual maturation, such as development of body hair, deepening of the voice and the ability to achieve an erection, could be damaged.

How can Reduced Testosterone Manifest In The Adult Male?

When testosterone levels are low, they can influence the functioning of the whole male body. Some of the signs may appear non-specific, but if some of them are influencing your standard of living you need to seek medical attention. These are some of the factors your doctor should be contacted by you if low testosterone is influencing your quality of life:


It is estimated that a lot of people drop around 100 000 hairs on a daily basis. If, nevertheless, your hair is falling out in clumps in clumps or you notice bald spots that appear automatically when there’s not history of hair loss or male pattern hair thinning in your family you must seek medical help.

Loss in muscles

One of many signs of reduced testosterone is an increase in body fat and a decrease in muscles. While weight gain is among the facts of life when it comes to ageing, a major change or changes that seem to be away from control must be reported to your doctor. If you are an otherwise healthy one who eats well and exercises often, you are more likely to observe this symptom.

Differences in bone density or osteoporosis

Frequent bone breaks or even a change in bone density is reason behind your physician to evaluate your testosterone levels. Testosterone is an anabolic steroid hormone that builds muscle and bone, and your body won’t be as strong as it must be if your levels are bad.

Changes in your sleep pattern

If you experience problems falling or remaining asleep and have tried approaches to solve the problem you need to speak to your doctor. You may even encounter problems with your memory or attention period, which may allude to low testosterone levels, or might be related to your issues sleeping. Sleep is an integral section of sustaining a healthy body and mind and has to be resolved at the root of the problem.

Sexual problems

Difficulties with sexual functioning and performance are usually what give men enough cause to get to the doctor. Low degrees of testosterone can express in an amount of ways. You may observe a decrease in sexual interest or libido. You could go through impotence problems where you can’t get an erection or hold it for long enough to have a rewarding sex life. You may not enjoy intercourse as much as you used to, and it may grow into wider relationship problems with your spouse.

In severe cases click here levels can affect fertility and sperm production, and must be clinically addressed.

If low testosterone is influencing your quality of life or preventing you from feeling anything but your best, you need to consult your physician.

In extreme cases Read it levels can affect fertility and sperm production, and should be medically resolved read it.