10 Diet Tips For Men To Lose Weight Fast

10 Diet Tips For Men To Lose Weight Fast


Are you a man? Sure? No pun intended. Well, from the title, it is clear that the post is going to be about tips for men looking for ways to lose weight fast. Once you have read this article through, you will be thinking of using one or more of the 10 diet tips for weight loss for men. Let me save you time and get right to the tips.

Even if you have no plans to shed weight, following these tips will lead to a healthier lifestyle, which is the dream of every sane person.

1. Pay heed to what your friends say

If your friends make fun of you because of the love handles you have got, know that it is time for you to do something about it. You need to pay heed to them.

2. Give new name to the term diet

If you get embarrassed whenever you think of the term “diet”, just change your view about it and take it as means to get healthier rather than a strict schedule. After all, it is everyone’s dream to sustain good health.

3. Adopt healthy eating habits

Try your level best to adopt good eating habits. Eat more fruit and veggies and go for foods high in protein, like chicken, meat, lean meat and fish, to name a few.

Cut down on how much sugar and salt you consume, and stick to small portion sizes. Get help from your partner to keep on track. She must encourage you to eat healthy.

4. Stay away from faddy diets

Foods that are rich in saturated fat could result in heart diseases if eaten on a routine basis. To avoid the risk, just keep a check on your intake of cream, cheese, fried food and red meat.

5. Take 5 portions of fruit and veggies on daily basis

Rather than have several big meals every day, make it a routine to have 5 short meals. In each meal, include fruit and veggies. Stick to this routine for a few weeks and see your wait come down.

6. Get rid of Takeaways

If you cannot live without rice, beef and pizza, go for boiled rice, chicken burger and crust pizza. They are equally delicious but help you lose weight fast.

7. Control your drinking habit

Beer contains at least 165 calories per mint. People tend to drink when they don’t drive to the pub. You should do the opposite. If you cannot drive, due to one reason or another, then you may want to choose single spirits with lower calories mixers.

8. Telling lie every now and then is OK

If you cannot tell the truth about your diet, you can hide the truth. Remember: you have to lose weight fast no matter what. And you cannot let anyone become a hurdle in your way. So, if your friends ask you about your new regime, you just let them know that you are training for an upcoming sporting event. And that is why you have a plan to get rid of extra weight.

Sometimes, hiding the truth is the only option to choose.

9. You need to get out more

You need to be more of an extrovert. So, get out of your home and play sport. Even running for a few miles will do the trick. Each day you need to increase the running time by a few minutes.

10. Your BMI should Not Be over 24.9

To get this figure, all you need to do is divide our total weight by your total height. Your waist measurement should also be taken. If your waist is over and above 37in, you need to do something because you are at higher risk of health problems.

Can you follow these tips? You don’t have to follow all of them because not every single tip can work for every single person, because everyone of your is different. So, give a go to a few ones and stick the ones that work for you. Share your opinion by leaving comments below and keep visiting my blog for more!