Tips To Whitening Your Teeth Fast!  Healthy Tips

Tips To Whitening Your Teeth Fast! Healthy Tips

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Tips To Whitening Your Teeth Fast!

Posted by SEOLV on Sunday, October 31, 2010 · Leave a Comment

Are you happy with your yellow teeth? Of course this is important to you! No one wants a dull smile! You are completely in control of the brightness of your smile. Most of us dont realize the impact of what we eat, drink and take into our bodies on our teeth not to mention genetics plays a role too. You can use the tips in this article to start whitening your teeth today!

Quit smoking immediately. STOP smoking if you already do. The discoloration of your teeth is largely affected by the nicotine in those smokes! If you are a smoker you probably have a very yellow smile. There is no treatment that can get rid of this if you are still smoking. Dont stop to think about it just stop for your healths sake. Youll also have cosmetic ramifications too. There are absolutely no good that can come of smoking. Dont start smoking if you dont already and you want to keep a white smile.

Many have studied the effects of strawberries in getting whiter teeth. You can just cut them into slices and apply directly to your teeth or you can mash them into a paste. You then only need to brush the paste onto your teeth. You have to wait five minutes or so to get the best benefit from the paste. Floss after you remove this mixture to be sure you get it out from between your teeth. This method can have adverse effects on the enamel of your teeth if you leave it on too long.

Try using the inside of an orange peel to help naturally whiten your teeth. If you are like most American households you have oranges in the fridge right now! A quick trip to the grocery store can be fruitful if you dont have them already. This method can be done similarly to the strawberry method in that you can put the peel directly on the teeth or mash it into a paste. Add ground bay leaf to the pulp and proceed. Spread this paste onto your teeth and wait for no more than two minutes before rinsing. Its important now, to rinse well to get all of the pulp out.

The fact is that there are many inexpensive teeth whitening methods that are not costly. Why spend a lot of money to have a professional whitening session when you can do it at home for seemingly pennies. You like millions of others can have the healthy bright white smile!

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