Sober living by the sea’s Long term residential treatment

Sober living by the sea’s Long term residential treatment

Sober living by the sea’s Long term residential treatment

We at Sober living by the sea sternly believe that time taken for recovery plays an important role for keeping an individual away from the recurring or no-recurring of the addiction. That is why after successful completion of primary 30 -60 days treatment in a restricted gender specific facility, we take them to another level of our recovery program, i.e. Long term for alcoholism and drug addiction at Orange County in California. It is a great way to create momentum for long term sobriety. Our programs combine gender specific housing with co-ed treatment processes and outdoors activities. This is how men and women take the step forward from “getting clean” to “living a sober life (and loving it).”

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Here we offer the client individual solutions to continue with the sobriety for a longer period. There is a very high correlation between time spent in residential treatment and the probability of long term success. Our staff of clinicians has been taking advantage of our location in Newport Beach for many years with great results.This program is aimed at providing support at the same time granting freedom after they “come out of fog”. Some people enter our program directly if their drug or alcohol abuse hasn’t progressed to the point of requiring primary treatment (or sometimes if they relapse after a period of sobriety they will come straight into the long term treatment.

The clients stay in gender specific facilities but participate into co-ed therapeutic processes such as one-on-one sessions, recovery lectures, group therapy sessions to name few, and self-esteem building activities like yoga, surfing, running, golf, sports fishing etc. The man or woman in our long term treatment will still be monitored closely for relapse and drug/alcohol tested every 72 hours. The numerous therapy sessions per week allow our client the ability to process their feelings and reflect on the life of sobriety they have learned to live.

Nothing under the sun is permanent; following this, there may be recurrences of the addiction. In such event, we have entire continuum of addiction treatment. There is a credit rewarding program for persons for successful continual of sobriety. The client can lead a normal life at career or collage with a continued supportive addiction treatment. Visit our web-site for a detailed schedule for the extended care program.

For more information on long term treatment, visit our website

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