Long Distance Relationship Advice  Should I stay or should I go?

Long Distance Relationship Advice Should I stay or should I go?


The long distance relationship advice you receive from one person to the next may vary some. What remains true is that the distance itself will never be the reason why a relationship falls apart. Instead, it is usually other problems that are already there in the relationship that will only magnitude with the distance between the both of you.

First of all is very important to know that YOU are the owner of your decisions. Here you will find a long distance relationship advice that we hope you use it as what it is: an advice. The decisions are up to you, it´s actually healthy to think that way.

This doesn’t mean that having this relationship is a bad idea; it just means you need to be prepared for the relationship. It will be essential for you to mutually agree on a travel schedule in intervals that will work for you. This should be planning to meet each other for a weekend twice a month, with you traveling one weekend and your partner during the other weekend.

While making time to be together is important, you also need to understand that distance is going to require definite planning. This means instead of deciding to go see each other on the spur of the moment, you need to plan out in the future and it can cause some tension if someone fails to visit on schedule.

The one other thing you need to understand is that distance can also bring about the other person. While we want to believe distance isn’t going to impact our relationship, there may be someone else that is closer and can meet the needs of the person we are with. This is where trust and faithfulness will be important.

Distance itself won’t cause a long distance relationship to not work. But, you do need to know that there will be a lot of work on both your parts to make it work. If the love is worth it, then remember the pieces of long distance relationship advice out there that can help to strengthen your bond and weather the trying times you may encounter. Love is always worth it.

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