Breast Cancer Survival Manual

Breast Cancer Survival Manual

The Review:

Url has written exactly what his title promises: a manual that will educate women on how to survive a diagnosis of breast carcinoma. He teaches us how to pick a group of specialists, how to make adjuvant treatment choices, management of side effects, nutrition plan.

etc. Dr. Url is a practicing internist and oncologist, founder of the Breast Center in Long Beach, California, and also director of the Pacific Coast Breast Center in Torrance, California. The author treats women with breast carcinoma, rather than having survived the condition himself, so the `survival Manual'' is a less personalized account than, tell, The Breast Carcinoma Companion by Kathy Latour.

It is written with one degree of separation, and teaches rather than consoles. ie, he writes, I think it is useful to realize the mechanism of hair loss with these medications so you understand its true temporary quality, rather than, When our hair begins to fall out, it is yet another violation of our bodies and one that most women felt was much more visible and difficult to conceal than the loss of a breast. (quoted from The Breast Carcinoma Companion by Kathy Latour. ) Dr.

Link''s writing style is very much exemplified by his introductory quotation: Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be Understood---marie Curie. This is a very direct, honest book that can help women with newly-diagnosed breast carcinoma, realize their situation and develop a plan to optimize a cure. It contains questions at the end of each section (called `checkpoints'') that women should ask themselves during each stage of diagnosis and therapy, e.

Who is in charge of my surveillance after the end of treatment? at the end of the section entitled, Fear of Recurrence. There is a nice list of further breast carcinoma resources at book''s end, including an Web website with Dr. Link''s continuing upgrades to this manual (breastlinkcare).

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