2010  February  Health By Sports

2010 February Health By Sports

Obtain your best health possible by doing sports

If  you are over 50 do you think that you are to old to build muscle? I asked myself this many times? Well I decided that I wanted to find out. I asked myself this question for many reasons and the research I did showed that building muscle could provide multiple benefits. So given the positive experience I had participating in a 12-week 10K training program I looked for a strength training program that met my specific goals.

The program I decided to try was P90X. The primary reason was that it provided what I refer to as a “full body exercise” program. Building more muscle was a goal but it wasn’t the only goal so P90X promised to meet that goal and a number of others. I wanted to increase my strength but I also wanted to increase my flexibility and overall athleticism. Since I do like to play sports, performing better at the sports I do was a key factor in determining the program to try.

There are many good strength training programs so you need to first determine your goals and then select a program that will help you meet those goals. I do recommend formal training programs or seeking help from a personal trainer. Most gyms have personal trainers that will help you develop a strength program for you. If you have never lifted weights before you should get trained on the proper techniques.

What I learned through my experience is that you can build muscle when you are over 50. I am 54 years and after the first three months of P90X I had gained more strength and clearly turned what had been fat to muscle. I didn’t experience significant muscle gain like you see in many fitness ads but the change was real and it was noticeable. People would ask me if I lost weight. I did lose some weight (5 lbs) however what I experienced was that the weight I had was re-positioned. I didn’t convert all fat to muscle but I realize noticeable changes.

So if you are over 50 you are not to old to build muscle. You may not gain as fast or as much as when you were 18 years old but you will gain or tone what you use to have years ago. P90X can be a good program in that it doesn’t require a lot of equipment and you can do it at home. A gym with the help of a personal trainer is another good option if you are new to strength training or exercising.

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So do you need strength training as part of your overall fitness program? The answer to this question depends on your individual goals so as with other fitness questions the right answer is what is right for you. In general, strength training does provide multiple benefits to your overall health and can improve your athleticism. 

If your primary goal is to improve your cardiovascular health then a fitness program with cardio workouts would be your priority. There are strength training workouts that can provide a good cardio workout as well. One of the primary benefits of strength training is the support that it can provide to your joints. Specifically, working the muscles around your joints (e.g. knees) can provide more support and potentially help to reduce joint pain.

The single most popular reason for doing strength training has to be that it will improve the way you look. Most people would agree that muscle looks better than fat however our focus is more on the health and fitness benefits. So given the multiple benefits that strength training can provide to your health and fitness we do recommend it. There are many strength training programs so do  your research and consider a formal program (with a instructor) if  you are new to this type of exercise.

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