You know that your body is made up of living cells. Body Wise

You know that your body is made up of living cells. Body Wise

With all of the vitamins, minerals and supplements to choose from in today’s market, why did both your healthcare provider and HealthPro Partners choose Body Wise® Nutraceuticals? Ask yourself if your current daily supplements can meet the following criteria:

Body Wise® Uses Natural Krebs Cycle Chelates To Work With Your Natural Body Cycles. You know that your body is made up of living cells. Body Wise® works with your natural body cycles so that your supplements are absorbed all the way to the cellular level. This is why you want to take vitamins in the morning, and minerals at night: your body will absorb minerals much better as you sleep. Don’t cheat yourself by taking them in the morning.

Body Wise® Supplements Don''t Use Shellac Coatings: Many supplements use a “shellac” (shiny) coating, but this typically reduces the absorption of ingredients into the body, allowing needed vitamins to be eliminated. Always look for a supplement with an aqueous coating, providing a higher bioavailability (absorption) rate.

Body Wise® Supplements are Manufactured to Pharmaceutical Grade Standards. While the governmental requirement for supplements is that they are manufactured only to a food grade standard, Body Wise® insists that their manufacturing and quality control standards meet the governmental requirements for a pharmaceutical drug. These includes the following standards:

Both Federally and State of California licensed for over 30 years
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance
“A” (the highest available) rating by the National Nutrition Foods Association (NNFA)
Over 100,000 square feet of state-of-the-art facilities
Made in the United States

Body Wise® Tests Their Products Twice. The Body Wise® analytical laboratory, under the direction of a molecular biologist, tests raw materials for purity and potency, and then tests finished products for dissolution (the ability to dissolve quickly). You get the highest quality ingredients; created to be absorbed by your body in the most efficient way.

Body Wise® Uses Cold Processing in the Manufacturing Process. Why not use heat? Because heating some ingredients can destroy the nutritional value they provide. Cold processing is essential to preserving natural nutrient factors.

Body Wise® Contains No Chemical Solvents or Artificial Colors. You may be surprised at how many over-the-counter supplements cannot make that claim. Some people have been known to have allergic reactions to artificial colorings, and some chemical solvents may actually cause certain diseases.

Body Wise® Neutraceuticals™ Contains No Central Nervous System Stimulators. The Body Wise® mission is to help you achieve your maximum wellness through the safest and healthiest products. For instance, Body Wise® products have never contained Ephedra, a popular, but recently-banned ingredient found in many over-the-counter supplements.