LibraryCommon Heart DiseasesHeart disease is the

LibraryCommon Heart DiseasesHeart disease is the


Common Heart Diseases

    Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans. Heart disease is a blanket term for any and all health conditions affecting the heart. This article discusses five types of heart diseases: coronary, hypertensive, heart failure, inflammatory, and valvular. Use this article as a way to become familiar with the different types of heart disease and what they affect, not as a replacement for the necessary visits to a doctor.

Heart Disease Related Events and Factors Contributing to Heart Disease

    Diagnosing heart disease can be a complex process, and the causes and consequences of the disease are equally complex. There are several factors that contribute to the development and severity of the disease. Furthermore, heart disease can culminate in serious, even traumatic medical events like heart attack. Understanding what causes heart disease and how it affects the heart''s function is the key to preventing, managing or reversing the disease.

The Road Back: How to Heal Your Heart

    There a personal road map to fit your unique journey toward a healthier heart. Use this article as a guide to initiate a discussion with your physician about the ways you can improve your heart health. If you have recently had a heart attack, heart failure, or been diagnosed with a heart condition, this article can help you understand some strategies for rehabilitating your heart.

How How the Heart Works

    This document explains how the heart works to an audience that is not very familiar with medical terms and health care lingo. This document should help you arrive at the doctors office with enough knowledge to make the visit very helpful. If you understand the basics of how your heart works, you can use the doctor''s time to tailor a very specific and personal strategy to optimize your heart''s health. It is compiled by Matt Nilsen, and the main source is information from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, an institute within the National Institutes of Health. (Note: This is a PDF file. You must have Adobe Reader to open this file.)


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