2011  May  healthcool

2011 May healthcool

I haven’t been able to find any information that accurately describes my symptoms. I’ve been to a dermatologist and several general practitioners with no success. Mostly, but not always, every thirty days (about) my skin gets tender on my face in the moustache area and on my chin (front).

Oddly, my first sign that this is going to happen is that I get an itching inside my nose. I get dry, tender patches inside my nasal passages (no further than half an inch inside). Sometimes this is accompanied with a tenderness in my scalp. When I place my hand on the hair on my head, the skin is tender at the base of the hairs. This will last a day or so and then I get real tender skin on my face (in the areas described). Then I get heavy flaking. The flaking area seems to be oily in nature but dry flakes. This has been happening repeatedly for the last three years. It is painful and unsightly. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

An added note, I was diagnosed with HSV 1 and 2 around five years ago. I hope this isn’t related. Herpes of the face…sheesh. I have never shown any symptoms (herpes) on my face (type 1) and my type 2 symptoms occur rarely (@ 1 1/2 years).

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would like to know what could be causing my mouth to be itching so much,

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Hello all I have been having a weird Feeling while I urinate it doesnt always happen, Its not painful either just annoying feeling.

Ive had no blood through the urine no Discharge and my urine is a good color.

This has been going on for over 6 months now any Suggestions for what this could be is greatly appreciated.

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My 3 yr old son is most of the time salivating, he wets his shirts around the chest area and irritates his chin skin constantly for the same reason, we think it is excessive but doctors tell us its normal, the thing is that we havent seen other children salivating so much, we believe the doctors we have seen are too busy to get involved and do more research, we would like to know if somebody could give us some pointers as to where to go or who to contact in order to get a diagnosis for our son,

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Thigh pain/ knee pain or just pain

To start, I feel off a ladder, two steps, and hurt my foot – thought nothing of it, just thinking I sprained it. Until I was feeling and hearing popping noises and having pain. Went to the doc and found out that I broke a bone but it healed and I have bone fragments floating about. So I have had surgery on my foot to remove two pieces of bone back in September and all went well. But for two months now I have had mild to severe right leg thigh pain. I am a retail manager so I am on my feet constantly, but when I have a chance to rest it will hurt and sometimes it will hurt even if I am on it. It aches, burns and sometimes have stabbing pains along with a brief cold feeling. Those pains are off and on but what is constant more than anything is a dull ache and pain near the inner thigh near the knee. There is no skin discoloriation or swelling. And sometimes it hurts to walk. I have seen my podiatrist and he gave me a referal to see the Physical Therapist. The PT did two sessions with me on the pain in the thigh with light therapy and an electro one. By my third session she said do you feel any better and I said no. So she told me to go see the Orthopedic, so I did. The Ortho doc looked me over, moved my leg around and touch certain areas to trigger the pain. Unfornatly, I had a good day with no pain and nothing seem to set it off. So she had no idea – she gave me a question mark in my file. But when I left to go home I was feeling pain so I went back up to see her and she didn’t even see me – the nurse offered me medicine. The day after my appointment I still had the pain and the next day after that I was in extreme pain to the point that I was about to cry. And now I am not that much in pain – finally subsided. But this pain is off and on so that is why the doc had no clue. – Where do I go to? I was wondering if this is another issue not related to the surgery or accident. Or it is arthritis and it hurts the foot as well as the leg. Please help.

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I have been suffering on and off for the past three weeks or so, with a pain in my upper back, between my shoulder blades, more on the right-hand side, and just below in the middle. It is worse in the morning when I wake up, and even though it’s there all the time, it gradually eases throughout the day. I have also noticed the right side of my neck feels stiff, and when I get a headache, (which is quite frequently), it tends to be over my right eye, and quite severe. Any thoughts as to what may be the cause?

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Weird Occurence, No Idea what it is!

Last night I was laying in my bed playing gameboy, and all of a sudden my left hand went numb/tingly. When I got up to walk around, my calves felt sort of weak. When I woke the next day, my ear was hurting. (just under the little part that sticks up) Now every once and a while my left hand feels slightly numb. The only thing I can think of is carpel tunnel syndrome, but that doesn’t explain my calves or the ear. Can someone please help!? ANY suggestions as to what it is or what to do is greatly appreciated.

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Im newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. It took 3 months for the DR and all the speicalists to reach this conclusion. MRI’s , echo cardiograms, CT Scans, all kinds of blood work, on and on ad nauseum. All that when a simple blood sugar test at the first would have solved it. Symptoms were numb, stiff and pins and needles from sternum on down. Stomach tight as a drum. Very difficult to walk or move about at all. Had to ride wheelchair to get to Dr. Offices in first couple weeks. Difficult to take deep breath. Came on VERY QUICKLY—was almost a paralysis. Also diagnosed with a Fatty Liver Illness. Stomach where liver is was tender and would alternate from numb to tingling to sharp jabbing pain. Often felt like a bowl of jello jiggling around. Started me on Nortriptylin(an antidepressant usefull for nerve illnesses). This starte to limber me up some so upped the dosage–so back to relatively normal movement–but hands and arms still numb. The very first weekend this occured went to ER on a sunday night and they couldnt find anything and just sent me home. You’d think they’d check blood sugar levels and catch it right then and there. Anyway after 3 months of musical specialists they finally got around to blood glucose test and BANG there it was–Type II Diabetes. Needless to say Im not too happy with having to go through all that when a simple blood test would have caught it at the very beginning. At least now there is a direction to move in.

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I am 35, after years of excessive ibuprofren use for never ending headaches, i developed abdominal pain. I had an upper endoscopy a year and half ago. they found duodenal ulcerations, and ulcerations in my stomach. I have not touched an ibuprofren, or any of the same for over a year now. I have been on prilosec 40 mg daily every since. I have stopped before and immediatelly within 2 days, the pain came back. I am now still on it, but for the past 3 months, it has been getting worse and worse. The past 4 days it is often unbearable. It actually tends to feel a bit better after i eat. It does not corelate with food. (except acid type foods i totally can not handle). Four days ago it has become unbearable, i started pepto. i took it 4 days ago, for one day, it did not good. So i moved to maalox. nothing. Now i am having blackish… stools. can this be from the pepto i used 4 days ago, (only 2 caplets and 1 swig). my stomach hurts really bad. the left upper side, by my rib keep giving me very very sharp pain shooting up thru my left shoulder. now today just very sharp pain in a line along the upper abdomen also. I get bloated real bad, can’t button pants. I feel like i’m starving even after i have eaten, but really dont eat much cuz i have no appetite. the pain is sooooo sharp. i dont have any insurance, and i dont have a primary care. they make you pay at the visit, and i can’t do that.. i’m totally broke. i am concerned it is perforated or bleeding. My question is, if i go to the ER, can they do a diagnostic scope or something there? I have tried all the meds there are, and nothing helps. I dont’ want to go to ER in fear they will just send me home on yet more meds. I have tried prilosce, protonix, aciphex, tums, pepto, maalox, milk milk milk. nothing is helping me. if there is a doctor out there that reads there, i could sure use some advice as to where a person can go without insurance to get a diagnosis. thank you so much

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I really hope someone can help me here, as this problem is starting to get me down. I am a thirty year old male who eats well and exercises most days of the weeks (weights and cardio). I am 5′ 11" and weigh around 13st with an average body fat count. Over the past year or so I have started to lose hair from my legs – namely a patch just above my right knee and a lot from the outsides of my lower legs. There is no itching or rash, but there is a noticeable amount of hair loss. The rest of my body remains quite hairy and there is also hair growing on my back (especially in one patch). I still have a "collar" of hair around my ankles and on the tops of my feet, but I am beginning to worry that I will soon lose all my leg hair. I am getting married in August and would very much like to get this sorted before then if possible.P.S. If it would help, I can send pictures of the effected areas.

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Only once and spaced appart were the following symptoms.

Feces were dark, dark, rich red.Sperm was blood! (on only one count of masturbation)Urine was blood.

I’m not proffessional-’blood’ is any dark red liquid.

I went to the doctor and described these things–they got a urine sample and told me everything was okay. They also examined my penus. They weren’t the slightest bit worried.

This happened years ago and not since. I’m in my teens, it happened before around 10-12 years old. I don’t like to overlook such things.

Also, skin on my penis, on only a specified–but growing–surface area, has been peeling off, leaving a red, sticky skin underneath it. The peeled off skin is white. This has been going on for years now. It is, for lack of a better term, flaky.

Lastly; past the prime of masturbation, I seal the sperm’s only exits (so it does *not* exit; stays in my penis). I expect that the sticky residue from my feces and the cloudiness of my urine is the trapped over sperm.

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Urninary Problems no diagnostion after 3 yrs

It has been 3 years and my urinary problems are getting worse. I have been to 2 urologists and neither has been able to find a thing.Symptoms:Urnating from vagina (did tests found NO fistula)Extreme lower back pain just recently developed thisMy stomoch gets hard as a rockI get up in the middle of the night to urinate atleast 10 times.Pain below belly buttonafter sex it takes me nearly 2 hrs to be able to urinateI am 21 year old female and never had any problems untill after the birth of my 9 pound baby. My dr has "Urge inconcitance" but i do not wet myself.If anyone knows of anything please help!!!

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it seems like one of the glands on the side of my butt has swolen up a little bit, it doesnt hurt unless i clench, or sometimes going to the bathroom. at first it had a solid middle to it, but after squeezing it thinking it would just pop, its just gone soft. its big enough to grab it bewteen 2 fingers..

im sorry for the almost vulgar definition above, but i really rather find out what this is without having to go to the doctor and choke out those words out.

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Please help me! I have been suffering for the past four months with severe rt hip and top outside thigh pain. There is a signficant amount of swelling, but no discoloration or brusising. It feels stiff in the mornings and gets prgressivly worse with walking and just the activities of the day. Sitting, bending, driving all make it worse. I have had two steroid injections already, one at the SI joint and one for suspected busistis. Neither provided any releif or change. I have been on several rounds of oral steroids too. I have had an MRI of the lunbar which shows mild degen. changes at l4-5 w/tiny foraminal disc hern at left w/o narrowing or stenosis, X-rays showed mod degen. changes at rt scro joint, Normal CT scan. I am currently taking only pain meds, which I am deserpate to get off of. I have also tried 4 weeks of pt to no avail.

Any help/suggestions would be most appreciated!

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postpartum pelvic pain lower left side

i’m 15 weeks postpartum, 19yrs old, docs are pretty sure i’ve been having probs with ovarian cysts but a new pain developed. ultrasound showed no cysts, nothing had ruptured to cause this recent pain. it hurt my left hip, pain was actually right beside my left hip, pain radiated all the way through leg and up back but was DEFINATLY coming from my pelvis. not like menstral cramps, labor pains, cysts ruptureing or ovulation pain. started on 5th day of cycle, and 5 days after i had a paragard iud put in which was in place at my ultrasound. i weigh 109, was 115 before pregnancy, lost 7lbs in last 4weeks, had been at 116 since 3 weeks post partum, breasfeeding exclusivly, no appetite, forcing myself to eat. doc suggesting increased caloric intake (in case its intestinal cramping due to starvation…i AM eating, just not enough, i try tho) or laroscopy surgery to see if its some kind of scarring with inflammation that can’t be seen on ultrasound. i am not pregnant and there is no ectopic pregnancy, so WHAT IS THIS?

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I am 22 yrs old, 5′1 and weigh 95 pounds. I am very confuse about my health. I recently (about 2.5 months ago) started feeling really tired when I wake and when I walk for 5 mins or climb up a flight of stairs. Although these symtoms have been progressively getting worst, close friends and family have told me that even before I started realizing how tired I got, I used to always complain about it more than a usual person. I just thought that it would be stress.

I counsulted my doctor thinking I could be anemic. My blood test continue to have the same results. The basophilis component of the WBC are very high and the Neutophillis are low. The doctors thought that this might be a parasitic infection but thus far both the stool test I have done and my blood work say that they arent any parasites. Although I havent ruled that out yet. I have been tested for almost everything possibly and they have all have come back normal. Everytime I do the Oximeter test by walking down the hallway, my oxygen level drops below what it should be. This makes sense becasue I am always out of breathe.

I am begining to think that the doctors are not going to have an answer for me. This morning I went to for a resting Echocardiogram test. I am not sure if this will be able to tell me what is wrong because I was just lying down. Are there other test that I should consider. If anyone has had my symptoms, please share what your diagnosis was and what your doctors thought. I would be very grateful.

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First off, I am in the army. (I say this so you can get a better idea about my living conditions.) About 2 and a half months ago, I was diagnosed with pneumonia, and hospitalized for three days. It took me about a month to get better (not 100%) about 90%, but I went back to the army anyway. A week and a half later, I was sick again with a high fever, bad cough. I went to the doctor at the base, who from hearing my lungs, told me to go to the emergency room at a civilian hospital, and that I had pneumonia again. When I had arrived, the hospital once again x-rayed my lungs but found nothing. They sent me home with some anti fever medication, and taht was that. At this point I had lost about 7 kilos in my body wheight, and still was very fatigued.

(I had, prior to thisbeen used to sleeping 5 hours a night, and now I suddenly needed 12 to function.) In addition, I still felt like something was off, I wasn’t strong enough, notvibrant enough – my head wasn’t "with it".

After once again returning to the army, (about at the two month point – from originally getting pneumonia) I got sick again witha high fever, rested for about 2 days straight, and felt good enough afterwards to continuewith my work in the army. Still, however with a lingering sore throat and slight wet cough.

Now, we’re at the two and a half month mark, since the incident, and after severe pain in the right side of my face and a bad headache two days ago – this morning I just coughed up some blood in the shower. I noticed I have a slight dry cough, and sometimes cough up just a little bit of mucous, but it’s just slightly green and reminiscent of a head cold.

The truth is, I don’t know why I keep getting sick, what to make of this, if this is just s string of bad luck, or is something seriously wrong with me. any information would be greatly appreciated.

Also, any suggestions for a home remedy or any general thoughts would be appreciated as well.

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I think I have Dengue Fever.

My name is Tom, i’m 15 and I’ve recently been on a holiday to Sabah in Malaysia where Malaria and Dengue fever are common. I had one day in Sabah where I was bitten around 15 times. 2 days later I was cold then quite violently sick.When I arrived back in the UK, I was then ill again, feeling cold, then hot and then sweating quite a large amount. I’ve been feeling tired and not very well since I got back around 5 days ago. Usually I cope with jetlag very well and it takes me hardly any time to get over it. I’ve gone to the doctors and they did a blood test and i’ve been told I do not have malaria, but my Platelet count is low and I have to go back in 2 weeks. If I do have Dengue, will I still be able to visit areas like Malaysia, or is Dengue more deadly the second time?

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i’m confused.do I have klinefelter?what caused my tallness?

i’m a 22 years old man with a 197 cm tallness & i am edjucated.i’m confused that is my tallness abnormal?!I’ve studied a’lot but I haven’t find any diagnosis yet.i’m adoubt if i have klinefelter or not.i do not have any signs of genicomasty & i think i’m enough clever not to have mental problems.but I don’t know exactly what is called ‘hipogonadism’.my testes size is about 4cm & ofcourse my body has normal hair growth but it occoured a bit late.if you have any suggestion mail me.wondering_sky@yahoo.com

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I was diagnosed with chrones disease in 2000.

Right about that time I started haveing severe leg and back pain.

I have been to many many many different Drs walking

away most of the time feeling lik a full blown idiot and

a drug seaker.I have had many x-rays, MRI’s and any other

madical machine they could stick me in, poke me with,

have urined in everything from a jar to a jug.

I have honestly started questioning my own mental health.

Maybe I am crazy and the pain is all in my head………NOT.

I had another Chrones flair up sunday the 15-(i think) 07.

I was ill to the point of haveing to be admitted to the hospital for 3 days.

The Chrones is pretty much settled down but my back and legs are

worse now then they have ever been.

My back hurts like I have never felt it hurt before, it’s even a different kind of hurt. It is a mix between a ton of pressure on the bottom of my spine and a throb that feels like a heart beat in the same erea as the pressure.It gets worse when I have to go to the bathroom and doesnt really let up after I go.

Is there anyone out there they relates in even the smallest way?

I am currently on medication called percocet, suppost to take 2 every 6 hrs

but I’m haveing to take 4 every 4 hrs for it to help even a little bit.

But within 2 hrs the meds arn’t working any longer.

Please,Please, Please if any one can offer any advice I am all ears.

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I am 32yrs old diagnosed with ataxia after a mv accident at the age of 21. I am looking for help in finding new treatment options

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Could any one please help me I have suffered 2 miscarriages one on 23 weeks and one on 26 weeks, the chromosomes were tested and nothing was wrong with it. I have 10 year old daughter and when I was pregnant with her everything eas normal up until I wanted to have another child. What can I do to find out so that it does not happen again and where do I go to from now??? I really need help and will do anything I am situated in South Africa if that is of any direction if I should go somewhere. The last one happened 5 months aga and I would like to try again but I cannot follow the same route, they have put in a stich with the last one but that also could stop the miscarriage process. Please Help!!!!!!!!

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Eye visual spots.. like a tv station slightly out of tune!

Hi,Im a 38 yr old male. im 5ft7, wieght 13stone and have no known health issues. Im not on any medication and dont drink or smoke.

For years i have had two eye conditions. I have been to many doctors and specialists and no one has been able to diagnose anything. They say my eyes are fine.1. in certian light,when the sun is high and catches my eye at the right angle i see like hollow scratches in the preriferal vision. I presume these are pernament damage caused by grit in the eye at some point. They do not change shape and do not float and are fixed in the smae place. 2. My vision is like a slightly un-tuned tv chanel what appears to be millions of black n white spots that almost seem to pulse. I dont have any pain, discomfort and only appear more visable in low light.During the day i only see then i i look for them. I was last diagnosesd some 8 years ago and nothing has changed. i was told that my eyes are perhaps over sensitive and seeing too much as there is no reason why i see what i do.I wander if its pernament eyestrain/ damaged caused by doing nightshifts and then going in the bright sunlight. or staring at pc monitors, or perhaps damaged from a punch i had to the head/ migrain that paralised me.???please e-mail robinkawa@aol.com with answers as i would be interested to hear thoughts and comments

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I suspect that i may have a uti and i just got treated but i still feel pain in the tip of my penis. I was feeling relief until I masturbated last night and all hell broke loose I noticed blood in my semen and I also noticed that the tip of my penis continues to bleed I’m scared as hell

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rush on the head, ulcer in the mouth

I had rash all over my body which gradually disappeared after taking antihystamines for a while. Then i noticed a lot of them on my head, which started itching, and causing dandruff. They wouldn’t go away by themselves, so I used hydrocortisone cream.. a bit improving but still there! Also painful ulcers started to develop inside my mouth…. so scary. please help, thank you so much!

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hi i have started a new asthma medicine flovent, the day after i started this i got very sick as in flu symptoms, which could be all it was, but a week later i was starting to feel fine, except for the crackling in my throat and when i cough, there is water not phlegm also extreme fatigue. i have tosleep on my stomach flat to not get the crackling sounds, propping myself up as others suggest doesnt work. then yesterday, i felt the same kinda fine until i went to work, at curves for women, i started to work out and i got very sick. with the shakes, chills, body aches, and pukey feelings. can someone please give me something to check into, i am tired of not being able to function.

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I started having these attacks in june of 06. the dr finally figured out that i had gallstones and removed my gall bladder in march of 07 (last month). i have still been having the attacks. i have had 5 in the past week which is when they started again. it starts in my upper abdomen and i feel it in my back just as bad. i vomit and my abdomen shakes like crazy. i cant move or breath during these attacks. they are so bad that i would honestly rather die. i went to the e.r and they did nothing for me. they sent me home and said some blood tests came back normal. i dont even know what they tested me for!! This pain stayed for about 3 days the last time and i still feel it. its in the same place just not as severe. im managing with percocet for now. but i feel that it can act up again at any given time and be really severe. i went for an abdominal ultrasound last week and they told me today that it came back normal. wtf?? i dont know what is wrong with me. i feel like i have indigestion, i know i have gerd i take 2 nexiums every day. the 40 mg ones. and the dr says my acids are under control. i dont know what to do anymore. i have diarreah all the time. i go at least 7 times a day and its always runny or very narrow. could that be part of what ever is causing these pains? i really feel like if the dr’s cant find out what is wrong i just want to die. i cant live like this. in constant pain. i told God that im ready to go if this is how i have to feel cuz its more than i can bear. i cant take it anymore. its all in my upper right and left abdomen. in the middle of the upper abdomen. and in my back under my shoulders. please someone tell me i am not crazy. it would be nice if someone could come up with some suggestions for me to throw at the doctors too. i feel like they are just in it for the money. the more tests they run, the more money they get! i am tired of hurting. i am only 23 years old and dont want to live the rest of my life like this.

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If I think back it has been just over nine years of surgery, misdiagnosis, and ridicule. Just after my eighteenth birthday I had a sudden and strong side pain episode on my way to the college attendance office. my parents played it off as nerves or an attempt to get out of it. Two weeks later it happened again and my dad rushed me to the hospital, the er doctor decided it was "just kidney stones" and sent me home (his first thought was I was a pregnant teen afraid of her parents) I went thru years of tests, kidney mostly but also cat scans, stomach scopes, and ulrasounds were high on the list. At twenty two I finally gave up and started to actually belive they were right, it was in my head, I was making myself ill for attention. Until last year, at twenty six I had tried everything, massage, tapes and whatever I could find to calm myself down. Nothing worked, I had my gallbladder removed in january hoping for a stop to the continuous, life altering, job ruining, relationship throwing pain. It has helped but alas the pain returned as a milder but as annoying fact of life. I was in so much pain that I would fall to the floor in one second and be convinced i was fine the next just out fear that people would think I was doing it for attention as I was so often accused.

Last week I realized that I hadnt had a pain in days, I also realized that I hadnt had any type of meat in days! I went vegetarian for three days pain free and then tried fish thinking I couldent take hard to digest certain meats. The pain was at level nine!I havent had ANY meat in ten days and I feel great! No depression, no PMS, and my ADD has even seemed to calm a bit. I know about milk protien allergies and certain meat (chicken or red alone) allergies but is it possible that i am allergic to all meat or any mass amount of protien?????Please help! I am 27 and am starting over as a vegetarian with ridicule and laghter at my every move

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see black spot out of 1 eye

hi i can see a small black spot out of one eye it is only a small spot i can see wondering if some one can help me

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My two year old has slight hand tremors. He also sometimes shakes badly when he wakes up or is scared. We have been to an endicronologist and he does not have any thyroid issue. We have been to a neurologist and he had an MRI of his brain which was fine and he had a test for seizures which was fine. We do not know where to turn. Does anyone know what type of specialist to go to?

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is it normal to have dark stool after gall bladder removal?

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These are symptoms that I have, please help.

I am not sure what is happening, but I think I have an idea. A few years back I had chlamydia and I was suppose to take antibiotics but I was drinking heavily during that period so I may not have successfully completed the course of antibiotics. However yesterday and the day before I noticed some small red spots that look like mosquito bites appearing all over my body, back, front, legs, arms and head.I am also experiencing a burning sensation when I urinate. Also I have noticed that my neck has a few bumps on it which causes some discomfort. I noticed that these appeared after a heavy period of drinking alot of spirits and alcohol, and do have some liver discomfort also. If anyone could tell me what it is then I would be very greatful. Thanks.

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Excessive Urine output with protein intake.

Hi, wondering if anyone can help….

For about the past five months my urine output has been unusually excessive, which started a few days after i started taking a protein supplement, which i stopped when symptoms came. But the symptoms continue to be brought on by eating protein rich foods, and taking multivitamins.

Other symptoms include darkness around eyes, fatigue and a sickness feeling.

I’ve had various tests including Kidney, Liver, Glucose and a 24hr Urine in which i filled to 3 liters and to which my Doctor said were all normal.

I’m currently experiencing problems with my eyes, (slight blured vision and redness, that without a doubt get worse the more protein i eat. When I ease off the protein/vitamins, the swelling/redness eases.

I also have Sickle cell disease, something that effects the red cells’ ability to transport oxygen around the body efficiently, possibly leaving certain organs that bit more vuneralble. Though i did wet the bet untill my mid teens and have always urinted more frequently than others (possible reduced renal?) i have had no ‘major’ problems.

This is very frustrating as i know there’s a problem, yet all tests come back clear with the doctors telling me not to worry.

Is there anything else someone can suggest? Could i have early stage renal failure?

I’ve had no allergies (tested) and no infections, but i’ve been itching head to toe for 5 years, with no reason ever found.

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I have had no sense of taste for the past 10 months. I am 39, and do not drink or smoke. My sense of smell is still very good.

I have been very ill in the past year as a result of: intestinal bleeding, blood transfusions, DVT, lung emboli, migraines, oesophogal spasms, chronic fatigue and ringing in my ear. I have also been taking thyroxine for the past 20 years (this is ok). I am not taking warfarin anymore. I have tried B12 and zinc but nothing helps and I still have no sense of taste. Please can anyone help me – the doctors have no idea as to why I have no sense of taste. Thanks.

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Hi..I’m 22years of age, had been suffering from low grade fever for last 2weeks.There’s no early symptoms of UTI,fever was continuous, about 102-103F,initially. Then i got admitted in the hospital as i was dehydrated due to vomitting[bilious,once] for 10-12 times on that day.Doctor was suspecting Enteric fever.He started Ceftriaxone1.5gm twice,But no remission of fever.The he charged Antimalarial for 4 days after 3 days of admission,when Widal and Blood culture found Negetive.I’m anemic now.Hb%-8.5gm/dl.S.Cretinine was 1.8 at the time of admission.Then it came down to 1.49.Urine RE/ME-Pus cell-23,RBC-3,Epithelial-Plenty.I had also vaginal discharge and itching.Urine culture was done,found no growth.ANA and ICT for malaria were negative.Urine AFB for 3 conssequetive day was negative Ultrasound was normal.I’m a known case of hyertension for last 4 years and was taking Losatarn k and diuretics.My blood sugar is normal. Still i’m feverish and getting fever in the evening. I’ve Bilateral Mastoditis.My ear infection starts at my childhood,gets on and off.What’s likely be the diagnosis of my Fever.With Best regards

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Bacterial infections but never cold or flu

My immune system seems to do a poor job protecting me from bacterial & yeast infections but does an extraordinary job fighting off viruses. I suffer regularly from terrible (and I do mean terrible) bacterial & yeast/fungal infections that are resistant to treatment. I only get a common head cold once every 5-7 yrs and the flu about once every 10 years. I normally have a low body temperature (97.2). No matter how severethe infections and chills are, I rarely get a fever. It is always a low grade fever, 99.2 at the most. Anyone have anything similar to this? Your sharing would be most appreciated. My doctors give me a blank stare when I bring this up. Thanks.

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I Have Acute Pain In My Lower Right Hand Side Of My Stomach And Is Feels Like A Constant Stich In My Side.it Is A Little More Painfull If You Hiccup Or Burp.it Started Two Days Ago.please Help With An Answer.Thanks

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I don’t mean to be graphic but…

It has been over 2 months now of terrible itching, rash, swelling,bumps, and strange sensations (prickly,sharp pain)on one side of my vulva. I have visited the dr. 3 times now. The first, the symptoms were 2 bumps at the opening of my vagina which felt "tingly". Then the bumps grew into clusters up the side of my vulva, but never scabbed or crusted. Dr. said she thought I had herpes (as I had flu symptoms at the time of irruption and had lost weight and was very tired for weeks)until she saw that I didn’t have open sores. Then she said she couldn’t do anything until I had an open sore to swab. I now know that herpes DOES NOT have to be open sores. So I went home and suffered for another 2 weeks until I couldn’t sleep anymore from the weird sensations at night. I went to the walk in clinic the next time and saw another dr. who asked more questions, tested my urine and also was sure I had herpes based on my history and symptoms…until he saw the bumps(which by now were much more irritated). He too said it couldn’t be herpes without open sores and sent me off with yeast med and hydro cortisone cream. 2 weeks after that I went back to my dr. and she said stop the yeast treatment and give the hydrocortisone treatment 2 more weeks then we will do a punch biopsy(yippeee!). Now she thinks that my rash has just taken on a life of it’s own. She says there are no blood tests for herpes. I live in British Columbia Canada and would love to know WHERE to get the blood test. In the meantime, I have read everything I can find on STDs from herpes to vaginitis. I would appreciate ANY help or advice on testing etc. (i am going in AGAIN for a referal to a gynecologist). We are in a small town so resources are a little less accessible. I have also had crohn’s disease and uveitis for years so don’t know if this could somehow be connected to autoimmune conditions.

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HelloIs this blog for real? Am amazed at the advice on here…….Cant believe I have not found it till NOW??Any advice on postings??

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Hello, my friend has upper adominal pain that is persistant and possibly getting worse. She went to the ER and they told her that it was a pulled muscle in her ribs but the pain is getting worse. She then went to the clinic and the doctor was not sure what it could be. It hurts when she is setting up, walking, and also laying down but less when laying down. She has adominal swelling, headaches, and she is also anemic. Could you please help with some possibilities.My email is jonathanhendrickson_1@hotmail.com

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chronic cough;low/no acid reflux

I have had a chronic, non-productive cough for over 3 years; with recent feeling of lump in the throat. I had allergy tests, exam by Ear/nose/throat dr., upper endoscopy, 24 hr ph monitoring; barrium swallow; with nothing definite on what this is…. volume reflux? laryngeal sensory neuropathy? It happens most often while awake, rarely while asleep; however, I will cough if I’m sleeping on my right side, but not on the left. Gastro dr. is not convinced I have acid reflux, but something is triggering the cough reflex. Peppermint oil seems to calm it down. I am not overweight, get alot of regular exercise, never eat foods that would make reflux worse. Have no ‘typical’ acid reflux symptoms… no heartburn or other gastric disturbances.

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I feel like someone is sitting on my chest, last year April I went to the ER with the same feeling the did a CT scan the only thing they came up with is that i have a large thymus gland, i had surgery to have it removed, but on the pathology report all the took out was fatty tissuse. After surgery the pressure went away and now i am having the same feeling, oh and the thymus gland never got removed after 3 ct scans after surgery the Thymus is still the same size. Any ideas to what is going on with me and is this the chest pressure even related to my thymus?

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Kidney stones, adrenal tumor, no diagnosis

I’m frustrated beyond belief! I am tired all the time. Have two adrenal gland tumors and the endocrine tests are always borderline. Now I have kidney stones, burning, pain. Could there be a connection? I keep getting these endocrine tests and no one has tested for the other causes of adrenal tumors: infections, cancer, deficiencies etc.–how do you find a doctor who will look at the whole picture? I have to go back to work and feel awful 24/7. Except for the bladder and kidney infection and also a sinus infection and cyst type of thing near my tonsil and large thyroid, no other symptoms except really tired.

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14-yr-old son with hip pain/muscle stiffness not getting better after 8 wks.

My son collided with another baseball player 8 wks ago. Treated by physical therapist for hematoma above right knee, hip flexor tendonitis, inflammation in growth plates, very tight quad muscles that caused trouble walking. Pain is in abdomen just inside pelvic bones and on sides at top of pelvic bones. Knee got better, hips (both, but left slightly worse) got worse. X-rays, bone scan, MRI, blood work, neurological tests all normal including test for anklosing spondylitis. Walked bent over like he was 90 yrs.old from pain, so we put him in a wheel chair and on Vicodin and Flexiril for 2 wks. Significant improvement and able to walk upright again. After 2 weeks of very little activity except walking he’s in pain and having trouble walking again. Orthoped, pediatric orthoped, pediatrician, physical therapist don’t have answers why he’s not getting better. Chiropractor says slight misalignment in left hip, but wants to see films/MRI before he does anything. Not sure adjustment will help. Orthoped suggested rheumatologist so that’s where we’re going next. My son is very frustrated at missing high school baseball season without any answers and was hoping he would also be able to start running again soon. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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PRAYING DAUGHTER BACK AGAIN, my father is dying, and i need help!

So i was on here back in Janurary, my father was in a coma, and they didn’t think he would make it through it first night. To fill you in, he had an explosive infection in his brain stem, and the docs couldn’t figure out what caused it. they ran every test known to man, and still nothing. So, after almost a month of us waiting for the worst, he woke up. They released him only after 3 days of him being awake into a physical therapy center. With still, no answer to what the cause was. I had turned to this website for answers, thinking there was something the docs were missing. Come to find out they had him on medication that wasn’t supposed to be mixed together, so once he was in the rehab facility, they were supposed to take him off of it (it was bipolar and seizure meds) Now, here we are, and he is in the same hospital again, with the same symtoms. They still can’t find any answers, and i am at a loss…he has diabetes, but if this was anything like a diabetic coma, he would come out of this with memory, and he isn’t remembering alot of things. Could this be poison? I have asked the docs about strokes, but they aren’t finding any evidence, other then the fact that his right side is weaker and numb now and it wasn’t until after the first episode. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!

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hey just wanted say hi, new to these forums. anyone got any good cpanetworks to let me in on?

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In January I had a UTI which took two treatments to knock out. After that cleared up I had vaginal pain all over which THey diagnosed as a yeast infection.

I took diflucan and used a cream and it didnt help. I went back again and was perscribed diflucan again and a different cream, which actually began to help.

I was left with pain on just the right side, in one spot. No itching, burning or discharge.

They perscribed me 4 other different creams to use on the area and nothing has helped.

Ive been to the doctor 8 times! They said that the yeast and uti are completely gone now and there is no other infection in the area that came up in the tests.

Im using Clotrimazole nad Betamethasone Dipropionate Lotion right now perscribed to me.

Nothing is helping and I am beginning to loose hope. I am very uncomfortable with this everyday.

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ok so i threw my back out in a year ago and since then it never really healed, it felt like i tore somehitng in my lower left back. it then turned into what feels like all my muscles in my body are breaking down, pain in my anus, loss of muscel in hips and gait, losing strentgh in my hand and arms, getting harder to use a can opener weakness in my jaw, i thorw up every morningcant extend my legs because it feels like my knees are held back by somehitng behind them. when i tor my back it also effected my arms and shoulders, i have lost aloty weight and now my shoulders have become much weaker i can feel right down tothe bone, i am panicing because im only 25 and feel like im becoming crippled, my body gives off this wierd chemical smeel, and now my hair is falling out, emg was normal, mri of brain normal, been going to the va hospital in baltimore, they cant figure anyhting out, all my joints are now cracking and it fels like there is no strenght to my soft tissue, i have 2 degenerated desicated disks in my upper back with shmoler nodes, i dont know what would cause my whole body to break down does any body have any clue

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i have a bubbling rash in my rectum, with swelling reddness bubbling and very wet rash. this rash is preventing me from going to the bathroom i hold in my stool beacuse when i go to the bathroom it burns after and during me going to the bathroom it feels like a tennis ball is going to come out and it comes out not as big. i have had this for a week and have gone the bathroom 4 times since 2 saterdays ago becasue it is so painful..my doctor was horrible and didnt really help me out.. please help

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Hi everyone this is my first time on these boards, im in need of some advice. I have found a redish/sometimes purple/black place on the under part of my breast it has been there for about 4months. I went and saw a doctor three months or so ago, she said "its a bruise you prob hit it on something, if it doesnt go away in a week or so call me..I knew I hadnt hit it on anything but she is the doctor not me"<== she didnt seem to worried.

The place didnt go away in a week , so I decided to give it a few more days and it never dissappeared, so I called her again.. the same doctor was suppose to make me an appointment with a specialist for something else and still hasnt, all and all she just doesnt seem to care. I have recently been looking for a new doctor. =( The place hasnt went away in four months so it is not a bruise.. I have added some photos in the links below of the spot, and maybe some of you can give me some information or input, it really has me worried. The pictures are cropped just so you can see the place and nothing else, dont worry. Thanks in advance everyone.




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