2011  March — Nick Clark Health (NCH)

2011 March — Nick Clark Health (NCH)

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Cant Go Back To Sleep After You Wake Up? Try This

March 24, 2011 By Nick Leave a Comment

One of the main reasons that you wake up out of a dead sleep is because your mind has a lot of activity going on.  Your brain is firing on so many frequencies that it awakes you from sleep.  Other reasons that you wake up are because of a distraction( a noise), discomfort (having to go pee), and a lack of certain nutrients in your body.

When you wake up there is a reason for it. Your body is disturbed in some way, or it is fully rested.  Observe what it is for you!

When I go to sleep at night I have a 32 ounce water bottle by my bed along with a piece of fruit.

Usually when I wake up in the morning it is because I am thirsty.  So, I grab my water bottle, drink about half of it, if not all of it and back to sleep I go. Try it out, it works.  It is equivalent to spending a night out drinking and waking up with a hangover.  When you wake up the next morning, down a bunch of water and go back to bed, your body will absorb what it needs and your body will be able to slow down and sleep deeper.

This is also why I have a piece of fruit by my bed.  Sometimes I wake up and I am a little bit hungry.  My bodys metabolism is speeding up because I need food nutrients, so I will take a few bits of an apple, with some water, close my eyes and BAM, awakening an hour later with extra rest and a better head on my shoulders!

I sometimes will drink a shot of Mona-Vie too.

Do you have any tips on going back to sleep?

Just in case you hadnt read my ariticle on the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic.  I am ridding a race in Colorado with our LIVESTRONG team and am trying to raise $500 for the event.  It is not a lot of money to raise, so I am hoping you would be interested in supporting me and a great foundation.  To read my article and donate, click HERE!


March 17, 2011 By Nick Leave a Comment

Often times it takes a horrific event to remind us of the importance of reaching out to support one another. With the events that are happening around the world right now, my hopes are that people take a look into themselves and find a deeper understanding that each and every being on the earth is the same.  We are all connected. When one person is affected, we are all affected.

Through bad times, the resilience of human beings grows stronger, yet when everything is going well, there is complacency in the amount of respect, love and generosity that we give each other and our world.

Being able to grow together, through good and bad times, is the key to creating an earth that is harmonized.  It is the key to creating a planet where there is less judgement and more support.

I am a lesion for health.  I believe in taking care of myself by maintaining an active lifestyle, a positive outlook and a good diet.  A big reason that I live the way that I do is because I want people to see the potential that they have within themselves to do the same.

That being said, no one is invincible, we can only reduce our risks of disease or death.  When it is all said and done, we are all at risk.

With the advancements in modern technology, I feel strongly about supporting research that will affect the lives of many generations to come.  Our lifespan is very short, but the mark we choose to leave will make a huge impact in the life of all human beings and our planet.

For the second year in a row, I will be joining a great group of people on a challenging bike ride in Colorado, in our quest to bring more awareness and funds to Cancer research.

I am very excited to use my current physical abilities to ride a race in the honor and support of those people who have been affected by this very serious disease.

What I am asking from you, is to reach in your pockets and give Ten Bucks. Thats all. I would like to have a couple of hundred people pull out ten bucks, the price of a couple of fancy coffees, a  half a bottle of wine with dinner, or the price of a couple of gallons of gas. If you want to donate more, thats great and thank you, but anyone can spring for Ten Bucks so Im asking for you to do that.

I also know that there are many other things that you could donate your money to. The Tsunami in Japan is of course fresh on everyones mind, and it was a terrible disaster. Give something there as well, but remember that Cancer will be with us until we beat it and that every year, thousands of people are affected. No one that I know has not had a friend, a relative or been personally affected.  Ive watched the bravery of people who just keep beating it. It hurts families, communities and knows no ethic or political or economic barriers. This is a fight we are all in.

Click Here To Donate: http://ride.livestrong.org/teamls2011/nickclark

Last year we raised over $115,000 as a team for the Livestrong Challenge in Durango, Colorado.  Stay tuned in here for updates as this years event gets closer and closer.  Tomorrow is registration day and our team will be back in full force.

Thank you to all of you that supported such a great cause last year.  Let me know if you are interested in donating to the cause this year!  What a great group of people riding for a Wonderful Cause in my beautiful hometown of DURANGO, COLORADO!!

Click Here To Learn More About This Great Race!



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